Individualized care to unlock the mysteries of your personal health

What makes Dr. Travis different?

Rather than “best guess medicine,” I use a drop of blood to identify and resolve the most important causes of your illness. Using a specialized bioresonance analysis of health (BAH), we work step-by-step over a period of months to identify toxins, infections, hormone and brain imbalances, immune system problems, blockages in energy fields and much more. I’ve worked hard for over a decade to be “wholistic”—treating the whole person holistically—with my diagnoses and individualized treatments.

Benefits of this type of naturopathic medicine:

  • The medicines I prescribe are checked, via the Bioresonance Analysis of Health, to ensure compatibility and priority with your system.
  • The treatment plans are in a specific order, determined by what your physiology needs at each stage.
  • Accurately diagnosing disease based on your symptoms is like trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car by looking at the dashboard warning lights. Similar symptoms can be because of many different reasons. I can perform a test that will analyze all aspects of your physiology (energetic, physical, mental) to determine the primary causes of your symptoms.
  • Similarly, repeat tests can accurately determine what parts of you are healing and where you are still stuck. Changing treatment plans based on short-term symptoms is short-sighted and can lead to what I often call a “whack-a-mole” approach to healing.
  • I am a licensed physician, I can manage prescriptions, order and interpret conventional lab tests, and diagnose disease.


Bioresonance Analysis of Health

The bioresonance test assesses your unique electromagnetic information to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and the essential medicines that are required to start healing.

Alternative Medicine

I provide nutritional and supplement counseling, diagnosis of disease and specialized testing for thyroid, heavy metal and mold toxicity, lipid panels, hormones and food allergies.



I treat autoimmunity by discovering and removing the individual fuel that is driving the autoimmune fire of inflammation.

Lyme Disease

You are your own best weapon against Lyme. I am ILADS trained and Lyme-literate. I use antibiotics, antimicrobial herbs, and detoxification to treat Lyme disease. But the most important step is to discover and heal the dysfunction that is keeping your own immune system from killing the infection.


I assess and treat your thyroid if needed, but the most powerful treatments I use are ones that calm down the immune system naturally.


I accurately test and treat thyroid and adrenals and other supporting organs. I am able to prescribe all types of thyroid medication.


Individualized testing to find and heal the underlying reasons for the inaccurate pain messaging, brain fog, and mitochondrial dysfunction of fibromyalgia.

Discover a healthy body & peace of mind

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