Improving the Flow: Your Body, Your River, and the Path to Optimal Health

Through years of practicing naturopathic medicine, I've come across a number of analogies and comparisons that help explain the inner workings of the human body, but none more appropriate than the river. It's the best way to describe how our body's systems flow together, how things might get stuck or damaged, and how to best improve the flow.

Much like your river, a natural river needs clean water and a strong riverbank. When problems arise – from pollution to invasive species – there are ways to clean up the river and restore its effortless flow.

In the four chapters of this downloadable eBook, I'll explain the river analogy in detail so that you come away with an understanding of your body (and maybe your life's journey) as a beautifully functioning natural wonder.

Download all four chapters

Chapter 1, “A New View on Human Physiology” and

Chapter 2, “In the Flow”

Chapter 3, “Repairing the Damage”

Chapter 4, “Improving Molecular Communication”

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