Our mission is to bring you peace of mind and body.

To break down the barriers of modern healthcare with a balanced approach that respects both physical and energetic pathways to well-being.

pro-pic3In 2014 I found myself living in two worlds. I practiced high-end functional medicine with my patients, but treated myself and my family with energy medicine. I had studied with some of the leading doctors in the world and knew the myriad of ways the physical systems of the body interacted. I could test and treat the digestive, immune, neurological, and endocrine systems in my patients and was experiencing some degree of success.

However, I have always known that the energetic anatomy of our bodies is just as important as the physical anatomy. I deeply respect systems of medicine–such as the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine—that recognize the true complexity that exists in our physiology. Our energetic anatomy is a sort of invisible foundation to our bodies and is deeply influenced by things like emotional trauma and stress.

I knew that I needed some way to bring energy medicine and functional medicine together. And finally, in the fall of 2015, I found it. I am no longer trying to straddle two worlds. Instead, I am bringing them together as one.

Discover a healthy body & peace of mind

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