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Why Choose a Naturopath?

How a Naturopath Helps

There is so much differing information out there about the dos and don’ts of health and healthcare. How does a person know where to start. One excellent place to begin is a holistic approach. One of the problems with the healthcare system is the lack of time many physicians are able to spend getting a full picture of their patients. Lacking that, the only thing a physician can do is try to relieve symptoms. But is that enough? What caused the symptom? Could it be a sign of an underlying condition that should also be addressed? Is it related to other current health concerns? These are the types of questions a naturopath in Shelburne will take the time to find answers to.

How a Naturopath Helps

The Story: Getting the Full Picture

A naturopathic physician starts by creating a full picture of you. There is more to this than just checking off boxes on a list while you wait in the lobby. You are more than the sum of your family history and any illnesses you’ve had or medications you take. A naturopath will start with the details. He or she will ask about things like your stress level, eating and sleeping habits, the amount of exercise you get, as well as your medical and family history. You will also be asked more in-depth questions about any symptoms may be experiencing. While some symptoms may seem unrelated or too minor to mention, a naturopath will be able to draw a larger picture of your health with these kinds of complete details.

In addition to the story of your history and current lifestyle, a naturopath takes time to look over the details of your medical record. Any previous conditions and existing lab results add the story of your health.

The Evaluation: Putting it All Together

A holistic approach means understanding how each system is balanced (or put out of balance) by other systems. With more puzzle pieces in front of him or her, a naturopath can begin to hone in on which systems or conditions may be effecting one another. An in-office physical exam along with targeted testing brings clarity to the picture of your health.

Knowing things like whether you have food sensitivities, or if your thyroid is working at its optimal level, as well as the status of your immune system are just a few considerations commonly reviewed by naturopathic physicians. This type of information allows the naturopath to dig deeper into underlying causes for conditions or symptoms you may be experiencing. Having these details and then assessing the relation between them affords the naturopath a more complete understanding.

Treatment: Crating a Plan

With a Naturopath you are never talked at, but rather included in an open dialog. This incorporates your health goals and desires as well as what the possibilities are for those goals. Restoring you to your optimal health may involve advice on dietary changes, supplements, or lifestyle changes. A naturopath works with you to find the best way to balance and improve your health within the reality of your daily routine. This conversation begins with your first visit, continues on through the treatment plan, and will go on during periodic check-in appointments.

Taking time to get the full picture of your health, developing a plan to addresses your whole person, addressing causes rather than just treating symptoms, and allowing you an interactive part in taking back your health, are all part of the difference in seeing a naturopathic physician. In addition, a naturopath prefers to work with natural remedies, rather than only opting for pharmaceutical solutions.

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