Thyroid Disease: Same Symptoms, Different Story

In this series of blog posts I am giving examples of how different patients can have the same label or diagnosis, but have completely different stories.
Today’s installment is Thyroid Disease.

The story of thyroid diagnosis #1:  “Multiple layers of infections, toxins, and epigenetics”

As a hard-working, home-schooling mom, KH was frustrated that the 90 mg of armour thyroid medication she was on wasn’t helping her energy. Her depression and feeling of cold were improved, but she found it extremely difficult to get up in the morning and struggled to make it through an afternoon without a nap. We performed the Bioresonance blood test (BAH) to provide a more holistic assessment of why her health was still a struggle.  Over a series of three months, we peeled away layers of dysfunction that were affecting her brain’s ability to regulate her gut and immune system.

We worked with:

  • Infections and nutritional deficiencies treated with aggressive anti-infection herbs;
  • Chemical toxins, treated with specialized herbs that opened up kidneys, liver, and lymph;
  • After that, she required an energy medicine approach using homeopathy in order to balance epigenetic/inherited energy patterns that were limiting her health.

She stated that the BAH process “…improved thyroid function, relief from depression, and regularizing menstrual cycles. …I am so grateful for Dr. Elliott’s highly sympathetic and conscientious care.”

The story of thyroid diagnosis #2: “Heavy Metals are Making My Immune System Angry!” 

I worked with SJ for one year prior to using the bioresonance analysis. I guided her through a high-level functional medicine plan. We worked with the AIP diet, glutathione, methylation support, and a nutrient blend that balanced abnormal nitric oxide production. She initially felt great, but after a few months her energy flagged and she started gaining weight. When I prescribed T3 thyroid hormone, she started having heart palpitations. Then even after we stopped the medications, heart palpitations continued to be a problem and she continued to gain weight.

This story is a perfect example of why I was frustrated with the “best guess medicine” approach.  It was obvious we were not getting to the underlying causes. Her adrenals were shot, she felt sick, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Luckily, I had recently completed my training for the bioresonance blood test. I sent her a collection kit (she now lives in Montana) and she sent me back a drop of blood on a glass slide.  And at our next appointment, I had news for her: the bioresonance energetic assessment indicated that she may have elevated levels of heavy metals. She wanted confirmation, so we did an additional heavy metals test through Quicksilver Scientific. The results of this second test are below and it confirmed the accuracy of the initial Bioresonance test. This patient had been eating very large amounts of fish for much of her adult life, and the exposures to mercury had caught up to her.quicksilver-tri-test-mercury


We then used a series of bioresonance tests to customize a treatment plan that was 100% unique to her situation and physiology.

  • The bioresonance test indicated the mercury was driving her heart palpitations and fatigue. She dealt with it using high levels of glutathione and other detox nutrients.
  • The next assessment indicated that detox was working, but it was stressing her organs. We adjusted the plan to focus on energetically powerful herbal preparations from Germany (Soluna spagyrics) to restore optimum organ function.  The patient’s heart palpitations were gone by this time and her energy was much much better.
  • After metals were at a safer level, we used nutrition and herbs to support her thyroid and adrenal glands.
The story of thyroid Diagnosis #3: “I really DO have a dental infection!” 

GD is a 40-something male who came to me in desperation. His energy levels and ability to function had almost completely crashed in the past few months. He couldn’t work and was in a deep depression. We worked together with the bioresonance test for a couple of months in much the same way as the patients above.  We identified some toxicity and adrenal stress and I used conventional testing to diagnose him with Hashimoto’s. The bioresonance test directed treatment with homeopathic drainage remedies, nutritional support, dietary changes, and adrenal support.

After huge changes in his energy allowed him to go back to work, he plateaued.  His digestion was still terrible and there were many foods that he couldn’t eat. We had uncovered many layers of dysfunction, but there was more to go. This was apparent when the next bioresonance test uncovered a latent dental infection that was a primary cause of his adrenal stress. At the time of the test, I didn’t know much about his dental health. When we discussed the result, he admitted that he had had tooth pain for years. I told him we couldn’t make any further progress until the dental infection was resolved, so he made an appointment. Neither of us were particularly alarmed about the extent of the dental pain, but the bioresonance test had uncovered a problem that was much bigger than we realized.

One month later he reported that the dental surgeon noted a previously undetected infected spot near a neighboring tooth. He explored and discovered another, much larger pocket of infection that was previously hidden.

The resolution of this infection was a huge factor in the more permanent recovery of GL’s adrenal health and the calming down of his Hashimoto’s. There was much more work to be done, but this experience taught me that I have limits as a doctor and that having a tool like the bioresonance blood test is essential. Without the ability to gain specific and detailed information about my patient’s inner complexity, I would be back to suffering through the frustrations of “best guess medicine.”

What’s the moral of these stories?

Should everyone with a thyroid issue get tested for toxicity? Should everyone with adrenal fatigue and exhaustion have exploratory dental surgery? Should energy medicine be part of every treatment plan? Well, maybe these ideas are better than nothing, but to do so would be really expensive and potentially unnecessary.

No, the moral is that we are starting to move into a new era of health care. It is no longer acceptable to me to practice best guess medicine. Every patient of mine has an individual story; individual needs and an individual path to wellness. This blood test isn’t the only way to individualize care. There are other systems out there and many of them have value. But I am going to use the Bioresonance Analysis of Health to learn each story and to guide each patient through a holistic path to peace of mind and body.


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