Why a single drop of blood?

Patients are surprised when I show them how much information is in a single drop of blood.

Last week, a patient with vertigo took a bioresonance test. We discovered that his symptoms were related to a combination of the following:

  • fungal infection in the sinuses, larynxy, and pharynx,
  • immune dysfunction, stimulated by the fungal infection, leading to an autoimmune reaction to some type of neurological tissue,
  • sluggish energetic flow in his body,
  • the negative influence of cow dairy in his system, and
  • imbalance of bacteria in his intestines.

We also found out that his symptoms were not driven by:

  • nutritional deficiency,
  • chemical or metal toxicity, or
  • emotional trauma,

Furthermore, we identified two nutritional supplements that are most needed by his body to help it balance the immune system and start the healing process.

All of this information was obtained by a single drop of blood.  How?

Consider your smartphone.  How much information does it contain?

All those pictures, contacts, apps, complicated lines of software code; really, it’s pretty astounding.  We have been able to develop incredibly small computers that contain huge amounts of information in electromagnetic form.  Gone are the days when rows of vacuum tubes punched holes in paper to add a string of numbers together.  Those early forms of computation were mechanical, bulky, and slow.  With the advent of electronics and the relentless push of Moore’s law, computers have gotten more and more powerful while shrinking in size.

The “smartphone – blood connection”

It’s not a perfect metaphor, but the wonders of your phone ARE related to your blood.  They both contain electromagnetic information, and they both pack a lot of that information into a tiny space.  (Geeky link alert: click here for a description of Electromagnetic Informational Theory) A drop of blood holds information about all the activity and memories of your body and mind. All that is needed is the software and hardware to unlock it.

This software and hardware is what the Bioresonance Analysis of Health is all about.  The dozens of hours of training is the software and the Lecher instrument is the hardware.  And luckily, we all get to benefit from this awesome cutting edge health care technology.

Read how the bioresonance test can save $1000’s in medical testing costs.

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