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A side effect is just an effect

I have many patient who need to take antihistamines to keep from being overrun by allergy symptoms.  One problem is that the antihistamines make them more tired.

The conventional medical world calls this a side effect.

But it’s not on the side; drowsiness is AN EFFECT of antihistamines, not a side effect.

Similarly, I have a patient who has sore legs because of the statin medication he is on for high cholesterol.  Muscle soreness is a direct effect of statins, not a side effect.

Why does this distinction matter?

I work hard to break down the barriers of modern medicine.  What does that mean?

Let’s dip back into Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief for help in explaining.

In a previous post, I showed how even traumas in a parent’s lifetime can affect your own genetics.  Today, I wanted to show you how traditional medicine is stuck in the linear science of the past, and how to move to the systems-oriented medicine of the future.


One major barrier in conventional medicine is linear thinking.  It can be drawn like this:



When you take a drug like a statin for high cholesterol, the doctor is thinking like the picture on the left.  Take the drug and things will happen in a certain order, resulting in lower cholesterol.

But if you get muscle soreness?  That’s not in line with what’s “supposed” to happen, so it must be a side effect.

Side effects lead to confusion and an excess of prescriptions as a new drug is required to treat each side effect.






This linear model is nice and easy for our brains and for the typical doctor’s office, but it’s a false representation of our body.  In fact, our health is better modeled by a systems diagram like this one:

abcde-systemsThis is the barrier I break down in my practice.  I use the best of conventional, alternative, and energetic medicines in a SYSTEM that reflects the complexity of the body.

This picture represents how all parts of your body and mind are interlinked.  And in such a system, there will be multiple effects to a single input.

So what to do about the statin drug that causes muscle soreness?  Respect the “adverse effect” as a normal part of the action of the drug.  Adjust and move on.  Respect the unpredictable. Respect the inherent consciousness of such a complex system.

Overall: be a holistic systems thinker.

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