14 Laffoley In Studio 2012

Poetry Thursday – the Visionary Paintings of Paul Laffoley

Post Series: Poetry Thursday

This Poetry Thursday, I’m mixing things up a bit. Instead of words, I’d like to highlight the “visual poetry” of the work of Paul Laffoley. Laffoley was a visionary painter who lived from 1935 to 2015. He founded and worked out of the Boston Visionary Cell for much of his life. His life’s work is now held by the Kent Gallery in New York City. To explore Paul Laffoley’s work further, you can check out his web page here.



“Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”, 1965 Oil and Mixed Medias on Canvas 48 x 52 in.


“The Cosmic Octave”, 1970 Oil, acrylic, and hand applied vinyl letters on canvas 98 x 48 in.

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