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Out of the Mouth of a Thousand Birds by Hafiz

Post Series: Poetry Thursday

Out of the Mouth of a Thousand Birds

by Hafiz


Listen, listen more carefully to what is around

you right now.


In my world there are the bells from the clanks

of the morning milk drums


and a wagon wheel outside my window just hit

a bump,


which turned into an ecstatic chorus of the Be-

loved’s Name.


And there is the Prayer Call rising up like the

sun out of the mouths of a thousand birds.


There is an astonishing vastness of movement

and life emanating sound and light


from my folded hands, and my even quieter

simple being and heart.


My dear, is it true that your mind is sometimes

like a battering ram


running all through the city and the villages



so madly inside and out about the hundreds of

things that do not matter?

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