Open the Door or Die by Hafiz

Post Series: Poetry Thursday

This poem is the one for today’s date in the book “A Year With Hafiz: Daily Contemplations”. I hope you enjoy it!


Open the Door or Die

by Hafiz


There is an invisible sun we long to see. The closer

you get to the present, the brighter and more real

it will become, even at midnight.


To the poor slaves of this world with their eyes

chained to coins and unforgiving, the wondrous-

ness of the firmament can cease to lift your head

and impact your manners.


What wing would not become depressed within

a snare, if the wing still has some spirit in it,

and all your instincts to want to taste that strato-

sphere above the known?


“Open the door or die. Unlock the cage or die.” My

master would say to me, when I was young.

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