“Lyme Wars” (unfortunately)

I’m often asked why Lyme diagnosis and treatment is so controversial. It’s a tough question! The primary answer is that, well…science is messy. We quantify and systematize as much as we can, but there are a lot of unknowns out there. Recognition of those unknowns without dogmatic conclusions is, in my opinion, key to a sane debate. But too of


ten, conclusions are drawn with limited data—and a convenient ignorance of precisely the data that conflicts with one’s dogma.

I am preparing to attend the International Lyme Disease conference in Boston next month. I noticed that the ILADS president, Samuel Shor just posted an extremely helpful rebuttal to a recent study trying to debunk the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease. For those of you who like to understand the science of Lyme diagnosis and treatment (and you know who you are!), his letter is a great summary of the plentiful research showing the exact opposite.

So…the “Lyme Wars” continue. (Bummer….)

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