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Lyme Disease… What Your Conventional Physician May Be Missing

How frustrated are you by the conflicting and downright mis-information that’s out there about Lyme?

Lyme disease may be the most misunderstood diagnosis of our times. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi carried by infected black- legged ticks, but the clinical picture is much more complicated.


  • Standard Lyme tests have been shown to be extremely (40-60%) insensitive, and most doctors are very hesitant to order the more accurate Western Blot. Therefore your chronic and unexplained symptoms may be due to Lyme even if the test your doctor gave you is negative.
  • Conversely, a positive Lyme test does not guarantee that your symptoms are due to the infection. This is especially true if you’ve been treated with antibiotics, you feel a bit better, but are still sick. In other words, more and more antibiotics may not be the most appropriate treatment for you.
  • Heavy metal or chemical toxicity can cloud the picture. So can immune dysfunction like autoimmune disease and allergies.

In my office I don’t just treat Lyme Disease; I treat the person who has Lyme Disease.

Sometimes I prescribe medicines to kill the bug.  Sometimes I just treat the person so that her own immune system can do the work.  Most of the time I do both. If each symptom is treated with more prescriptions and more antibiotics  health health can worsen.  For eleven years, I’ve looked for a better way.

Click here for a detailed description of how this better way has helped 3 different people with Lyme Disease in my practice.

As a naturopathic physician dedicated to the most holistic approach available, I understand that symptoms express themselves differently in each patient. When listening to your story, I will consider your entire history: physical, energetic, emotional, and chemical. From this informed perspective, a more comprehensive and individualized program of care can be determined.

Bioresonance Blood Test is the Key to Individualized Treatment


Actual results from three patients with diagnosed Lyme disease in my practice.


BAH test is not a diagnosis, but a result like this one tells me that the infection is actually driving symptoms, not just acting as a bystander.


Click here for a description of how I treated Lyme Disease 3 different ways in my practice.

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