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Lyme Disease: Same Symptoms, Different Story

When I used to practice “Best Guess Medicine”, it was important to be able to label someone’s disease.

“Migraines”; “Food Allergies”; “IBS”; “Hashimoto’s”.  These are all labels that can tell you something about someone’s symptoms, but they don’t tell you a lot about their story.

After ten years in practice, I was growing frustrated with this problem.  I had worked really hard to get better and better at helping people with chronic conditions.  But I was still guessing.  They were more and more educated guesses, to be sure, but they were still guesses.

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-12-15-54-pmIn this series of blog posts I am giving examples of how different patients can have the same label or diagnosis, but have completely different stories.
Today’s installment is Lyme Disease.

Lyme Diagnosis #1;  Her story? “Don’t forget about my brain!”

KW is a middle-aged woman who presented with increasing fatigue despite getting some treatment for Lyme Dz that was diagnosed via a Western Blot test.  She was undergoing an anti-Lyme protocol given to her by another naturopath.  The treatment was high quality herbs, supplements, and she had also undergone a round of antibiotics. She felt a little better, but was still incredibly fatigued and emotional.

We performed the Bioresonance blood test (BAH) to provide a more holistic assessment.  Over a series of three months, we peeled away layers of dysfunction that were affecting her brain’s ability to regulate her gut and immune system.  We worked with:

  • inherited epigenetic energy patterns that created a disruption of her gut-brain axis and an emotional tendency to freeze during trauma;
  • an improvement of energy flow throughout all the tissues of her body via her connection with spirit;
  • dense, food-based nutritional supplements to feed the metabolism of her brain and adrenal glands and digestion.

Again, this patient was getting great Lyme disease treatment, but there was a level of brain dysfunction that was being missed. We used nutrition and specialized medicines to peel away and heal the necessary layers of her story.

Lyme Diagnosis #2; Her Story? “Allergy to Toxins!” 

JF was another woman who had been previously diagnosed with Lyme, underwent treatment and was still struggling.  She had been given detoxes and the Cowden protocol and her symptoms had initially gotten much better.  But the brain fog and fatigue came roaring back.  Both this patient and KW above were treated with the best anti-Lyme medicines available, and they had spent thousands of dollars in care.  But they were both give “Best Guess” Lyme protocols based on the guess that the Lyme-related bugs were the cause of all of their symptoms.

And as in the first case, the bioresonance blood test (BAH) gave us a more nuanced story and led us on a more effective path of treatment. The details included:

  • The Lyme bacteria and co-infections were not the cause of her symptoms.  They may have been in the past, but they were treated effectively by other doctors and she got better.  Stepping away from Best Guess Medicine helped us understand that her worsening symptoms had nothing to do with the + Lyme test. This is a critical situation that is missed by most Lyme doctors.
  • Her nervous system (ANS) and her immune system were reacting hyperactively to chemical toxins that had built up in her body. The inflammation,  pain and fatigue were caused by an inherited DNA expression pattern (epigenetic) affecting her tolerance of common toxins in her environment.
  • The most effective treatment for her as an individual was a specialized German herbal protocol prepared individually for her in the office.
  • After one month, her immune and nervous systems returned to health.  Amazingly, she rode her bike 10 miles to my office for the follow-up appointment, which put an exclamation point on her case and how quickly it resolved when we understood her true health story.


Lyme Diagnosis #3; His Story: “Turns out there is Lyme under here somewhere!” 

CK is a young man who came to me with rapidly increasing pain and severe digestive problems he thought were due to candida.  He also had insomnia, and a few other problems that a 23 year old man just shouldn’t have. Best Guess Medicine included all kinds of treatments for pain (acupuncture, PT, medications), anti-candida treatments for his gut, and other supplements.  But he was still in too much pain to even shower on the worst days and was questioning whether he could follow through on his plan to attend graduate school.

Unlike the patient above, it took a series of bioresonance tests to uncover the multiple layers of dysfunction.  And at the beginning, we didn’t know that Lyme was a problem. Every BAH test focuses only on the primary drivers of symptoms.  At the beginning, the Lyme spirochete was in the background, perhaps in a biofilm or cyst-like state.  But after we peeled away the first toxic layers, the Lyme became a primary result on the blood test and a focus of treatment.

Here’s how his path of discovery and healing is playing out:

  • A heavy metal detox and brain nutrition protocol using liposomal medicines like glutathione and phosphatidylcholine that resonated with his system.  His joint and abdominal pain decreased tremendously, he could sleep better, and his diarrhea resolved.
  • Metabolic treatment with CBD and glutathione.
  • Discovery of further chemical toxicity, treated with homeopathic medicine.
  • Finally, he started having aggravated pain as Lyme activity increased. Igenex and bioresonance tests indicate Lyme infection, and treatment is continuing with Biocidin, A-L, and glutathione.

Had we ignored the rest of his story and only focused on Lyme, CK would have likely fared much worse. It’s reasonable to expect that he would have felt terrible from the Herxheimer reaction from die-off, followed by poor recovery because of his high toxicity and brain dysfunction.  Instead, we have strengthened his body so that it can be a strong partner in the fight agains Lyme, rather than a victim of collateral damage.

If you’ve been told you have Lyme Disease, please consider whether or not the spirochete infection is causing symptoms or if something else could be in the way of your healing.

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