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In Rain by Wendell Berry

Post Series: Poetry Thursday

This week, we share a poem to honor the rain as Hurricane Florence touches the Carolina coast.

In Rain

by Wendell Berry



I go in under foliage

light with rain-light

in the hill’s cleft,

and climb, my steps

silent as flight

on the wet leaves.

Where I go, stones

are wearing away

under the sky’s flow.



The path I follow

I can hardly see

it is so faintly trod

and overgrown.

At times, looking,

I fail to find it

among dark trunks, leaves

living and dead. And then

I am alone, the woods

shapeless around me.

I look away, my gaze

at rest among leaves,

and then I see the path

again, a dark way going

on through the light.



In a mist of light

falling with the rain

I walk this ground

of which dead men

and women I have loved

are part, as they

are part of me. In earth,

in blood, in mind,

the dead and living

into each other pass,

as the living pass

in and out of loves

as stepping to a song.

The way I go is

marriage to this place,

grace beyond chance,

love’s braided dance

covering the world.



Marriages to marriages

are joined, husband and wife

are plighted to all

husbands and wives,

any life has all lives

for its delight.

Let the rain come,

the sun, and then the dark,

for I will rest

in an easy bed tonight.

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