Fibromyalgia Treatment Burlington

Fibromyalgia Treatment


Fibromyalgia Treatment BurlingtonDo you feel run down and in pain? Do your muscles hurt from the slightest injury? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you unable to enjoy a day full of activity without paying for it for the next two days?

Fibromyalgia can be a devastating condition with many causes. Some sufferers of fibromyalgia have chronic infections, while others have high levels of toxic compounds in their bodies. Some people are sensitive to the chemical smells, while others simply hurt and are tired.

If you have fibromyalgia, you may have been to a doctor who has tried to control the symptoms of your illness with antidepressants or pain medication. Or perhaps you went to a naturopath who gave you the same treatment plan that all fibromyalgia patients in the office received.

Your fibromyalgia story is different than everybody else’s, shouldn’t your doctor treat you that way?

Your symptoms may be the cumulative result of any of the following:

  • Heavy metal or chemical toxicity
  • Emotional trauma
  • Epigenetic restrictions on your DNA that you inherited from your parents
  • Chronic infection

But which problem is the most pressing?  What of the many factors of your health are making you sick right now? The fact is that I don’t know  for sure based only on your symptoms.  In order to treat you individually, it’s necessary to do the Bioresonance Analysis of Health.  The good news is that this test is affordable and can guide an individualized treatment plan that is completely holistic.

Key functional medicine causes that can be investigated and addressed by this office:

  • Dysfunctional mitochondria
  • Elevation of toxic metals
  • Autoimmunity
  • Functional brain issues leading to improper pain processing signals
  • MTHFR and other methylation mutations
  • Problems in other systems of the body as outlined in the top diagram on this page

Click here to read more about how mitochondria are a critical part of fibromyalgia pain, fatigue, and brain fog. 

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