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Case Study of a Thyroid Patient

Sherry: 36 year old mom, wage earner, and student

Diagnosis: Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease; And a second, strongly-genetic autoimmune Musculoskeletal disease.

Sherry came into the office in February of 2015 concerned over hypothyroidism. It all started with post-partum depression after her 2nd pregnancy in 2005. At the time, she was treated with a synthetic thyroid medication.
Her symptoms were low energy (4/10) that got worse in the evening. Sherry said she ‘could go to sleep right after work’. She also experienced brain fog and some constipation. Her most recent labs were normal: TSH of 2.14 and free T4 of 1.1. Her physical exam showed some signs of a sluggish thyroid.
Initially, we worked up the possibility of Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune thyroiditis. Labs were ordered for thyroid antibodies. The lab reported a low-normal free T3 of 2.5, a high reverse T3 of 21, and an elevated TPO and Tg Antibodies. This confirmed Hashimoto’s disease.

This disease was her second autoimmune manifestation. She had already been diagnosed with a genetic, familial autoimmune disease that typically starts to show symptoms in the late 30’s. Following my best naturopathic and functional medicine training, we made some good “best guesses.” Interventions over the next months included: X-viromin (herbal supplement to balance her immune system), Glutathione, Proglyco-synergy (for low blood sugar symptoms), and a gluten-free diet.

She got better for a while and then “plateaued”. We discussed ways to take the next steps. Her energy was good, but she was about to start a grueling academic program that would demand more from her. On top of that, she wanted to get back into exercise with the goal of a Spartan race next year. We discussed the possibility of a detox, but elected to use the Bioresonance process to narrow down exactly what she needed, instead of estimating a guess.

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH) Findings…

1st BAH: (no graph available for this report)
♦ Report showed: solvent toxicity, multiple organ stress (lymph, detox organs, thyroid, MSK matrix).
♦ Treatment: Bach Flower Essences specific for inherited energy pattern: feeling of rigidity regarding the “correct” path as determined and decided by outside forces and people.

2nd BAH:

♦ Sherry noticed: no discernible change in symptoms. Report showed toxicity and infection stress much improved, BI dropped to 14. Biggest issue is organ dysfunction; specifically large intestine, adrenals, and brain.
♦ New Treatment: Oligotherapy to improve metabolic function with Somaplex zinc and zinc-copper. Function of medicines is to epigenetically change gene function to ramp up needed parts of metabolism.

3rd BAH:

♦ Sherry noticed: increase of energy to 8/10 despite having to add full course load of college work at night.
♦ Report showed: significant improvements in energetic anatomy and the physical function of organs/metabolism. The BI has dropped from 14 to 10 and the only organ that is majorly stressed is the adrenals (not brain and large intestine).  Also, some dysbiosis has cleared up. The cellular switches seem to be turned on from the Somaplex minerals treatment.
♦ New Treatment: Further improve metabolic function, this time with Sound Wave Energy medicine. Series of audio CD’s designed to impact physical systems of the body and improve the way the body uses emotions to complete physical tasks.

4th BAH:

♦ Sherry noticed: “Feel really good” with energy rated at 9/10. Adrenals are not dysfunctional on the test and she is able to do longer, more sustained workouts without crashing.

♦ Report showed: nice changes in many different categories. Organ stress has spiraled back to brain and more specific information is obtained about a biochemical process that is stuck: intracellular detoxification. BI has dropped to 9.

♦ New Treatment: Thorne Nia-cel: a specialized supplement that increases the level of FAD+ in the Kreb’s cycle.

At this point, Sherry decided that she will follow through with the Nia-cel treatment, but will wait before repeating the BAH tests. With school, her increased training regimen, and the fact that she feels great, she would like to continue what she’s doing. With above treatments, patient was able to stop other immune support, blood sugar support, and antioxidants. She still needs to avoid gluten, but doesn’t have to be as strict.

The above process was four tests over 5 months. We don’t know yet how the latent musculoskeletal disease will progress, but we are both hopeful that it’s manifestation has been delayed.

sherry-thyroid-disease-bah-sample Sherry’s 4th Bioresonance Report: As you can see, the report is much more than the graphs at the top.

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