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Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH)

What is BAH and why am I using it?
Finally, personalized integrative treatments tailored to you, the unique and special patient.

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office for your first follow up visit and being presented with a  precise treatment plan of action that has been 100% personalized to you as an individual. No further invasive testing; no trial and error; just actionable treatments that lead to results…

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH)  is the highly sophisticated blood evaluation method that makes this possible. It works by capitalizing off of fundamental physics principles to gather precise information at the genetic level and beyond, and all it requires from you is a drop of your blood.

And unlike most blood tests, which rely on blood chemistry to illuminate certain problems in the form of deviations from a present reference range, BAH not only identifies the root causes of those problems, but also details what treatments or medicines your body will need in order to return to a state of excellent health. This unique information becomes your roadmap back to a healthy life.

What can I expect from a BAH evaluation?
Getting to the source; providing a precise roadmap to health.

Imagine the distance between two points:
you-are-here-bahIn a normal doctor’s visit, the answer to the question “What’s keeping you from your Health Goal?” is an educated guess.  A lab result may or may not be the true cause of an illness, and a prescribed medicine may or may not help.

The Bioresonance test provides a more detailed answer because it comes directly from the information locked into the electromagnetic fields of your body.

Wonderfully, instead of you getting a treatment plan that is based on your condition, your treatment plan is obtained from you as an individual.  What do I mean?  Below are (very) partial results from three patients with Hashimoto’s disease.  Please note:

  1. There are numerous areas of health that are not typically talked about in a normal doctor’s visit.
  2. Each person has very different Levels of Health.

Please consider an appointment to find out the details of your own Bioresonance test.  It can greatly accelerate your journey to optimal health.

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