Autoimmune Treatment Burlington

Autoimmune Treatment

Autoimmune disease comes in many forms. It is a condition where the body begins attacking itself with an overactive immune response. Some conditions that result include thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome and Hashimotot’s thyroid disease. There are many factors that contribute to autoimmune disorders such as genetics, trauma, infection, and lifestyle. In many cases, conventional doctors only offer medication to treat the symptoms of autoimmune conditions. Well schooled in Autoimmune Treatment near BurlingtonDr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician begins treatment by getting to know you—the whole you.

Autoimmune Evaluation

Autoimmune Treatment BurlingtonOne major difference we offer in his practice is getting to know you as a whole person. There is more to an individual than just their medical records. Each person is unique, and so is their autoimmune disease. Accurate Autoimmune Treatment near Burlington starts with understanding your specific condition in the context of the whole body.

Process: Autoimmune Treatment Burlington

Autoimmune Treatment near Burlington starts with listening to you and your story. This includes finding out things like what you eat, how stressful your job is, what physical hobbies you enjoy, and what specific symptoms you experience. Once he has a well-rounded view of you, he then reviews your medical history and any testing you have had. A physical exam and more tests fill in any blank spaces in your story.

Once all the data is gathered, we can evaluate your autoimmune condition. Having this full picture of you allows him to better understand the underlying influences and triggers of that condition.

Autoimmune Treatment Plan

Now having an understanding of the details of your autoimmune condition, focus moves to finding ways to calm it down. We create a plan addressing your immediate symptoms and methods for relieving them. He will also tailor a long-term plan to address triggers and avoid future flare-ups. Your Autoimmune Treatment near Burlington may include avoiding certain foods and learning ways to reduce stress levels. It may also include targeted nutritional and/or herbal supplements. Each autoimmune treatment plan is always unique to the individual.

As you progress through your autoimmune treatment Burlington we continue open communication with you, reassessing any necessary adjustments as the need arises. In his commitment to your improved health, the doctor stays with you throughout your healing process.

Burlington Autoimmune Treatment

If you have been getting treated for the symptoms of an autoimmune disease without treating the root cause contact us. A naturopathic autoimmune treatment in Shelburne, Vermont, near Burlington, can often make a much greater impact on your health than a conventional physician is likely to. You will get personalized treatment that factors in your whole health.

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