Are you “Average?” Probably not. So why does your medicine treat you that way?

75 years ago, the Air Force gave up on designing a cockpit for the average person. They realized that in order for a pilot to be able to handle split-second life and death decisions, everything from the height of the pedals to the tension on the seatbelt had to be adjustable and customizable.

In a lot of ways, medicine is still stuck in a pre-WWII era. Every time a controlled study comes out with a “significant finding,” the results are based on what would work for the average person. But as 99% Invisible explores in their latest episode, the average person doesn’t actually exist; it’s a statistical anomaly.

Are you “average?” Probably not. That’s why it’s so important to work with a system of medicine that can adjust to your infinite complexities. It’s why I use something as customizable as the Bioresonance blood test in my practice.



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