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$1324 vs $100. Which one would you choose?

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-10-08-18-pmChoose one:

  • $1324 along with 5 vials of blood and one tube of urine
  • OR $100 and a single drop of blood.

The $1324 is the combination of three different testing panels that look at various toxins and levels of autoimmunity.  The $100 is for the Bioresonance test.

Luckily, a patient of mine decided to do both, so we get to compare the results to see if the extra money is worthwhile.

I tell my patients that the Bioresonance blood test is not counting white blood cells or looking for antibodies to Lyme bacteria or counting bits of mercury in the blood. It’s not “looking” for physical things at all. It is, however, using the tuning fork-like concept of bioresonance to identify the energetic signature of all these components.  And because energetic information is much more efficiently stored, we can find a lot of what’s gone wrong in a single drop of blood.

Can the bioresonance test figure out if heavy metals or toxic chemicals are making me sick?

Yes.  Answering this question is the true power of this energetic assessment. We all have some toxins in us, but many of us deal with them just fine.  They aren’t causing a problem.  Other people feel poisoned and their level of toxicity is a critical part of their illness. Knowing which of these two groups you fall into is critical.

Case study: Solvent toxicity

A middle aged man came to see me with a complex set of neurological symptoms.  We ran the $1324 worth of tests to look at:

  • autoimmune reactions to different tissues in his body.
  • heavy metal blood and urine test
  • blood chemical toxicity test looking at dozens of different compounds in the environment.

I also collected a drop of blood for the Bioresonance test ($100).  The bioresonance test indicated solvent chemical toxicity with no indications of immune system problems or heavy metal toxicity, which is exactly the conclusion we got from the more expensive battery of tests. 

Below you can see the positive result from the Solvents panel—a result we got a full two weeks after we learned of this issue from the bioresonance analysis.screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-10-18-41-pm

The bioresonance test is investigational and isn’t actually measuring metals and toxins, but their energetic signatures.

And because the test is investigational, it’s natural to be skeptical about it.  But my patient and I are a lot less skeptical after this illuminating experience.  I am happy that I can use this example as a way to help others…WITHOUT asking them to spend $1324.

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