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Tired of “best guess medicine?” Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H. for short) is an advanced evaluation method developed by physician Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.. This multi-faceted and comprehensive system is used to evaluate all aspects of health, identify critical dysfunctions and underlying causes, and create a unique program of treatment that best suits the individual patient.

Unlike most blood tests, B.A.H. is based on principles of quantum mechanics and resonance. The difference not only identifies the deeper underlying drivers of symptoms, but also details what your body will require in order to return to a state of excellent health.

I spent two years becoming an expert in B.A.H. testing, and what I ultimately found is that everyone is different. My patients can show similar symptoms, but have completely different stories. I include the “whole person” in the doctor’s visit, examining everything from your B.A.H. results to your conventional medical information to your emotions and personal story. Whether we are treating a serious disease, or simply optimizing your daily routine, we work together as a team to unlock your individual pathway to health.

In this video blog about the River of Health, I explain more clearly the different perspective I take when looking at my patients’ health issues. My perspective on this has changed over the course of my career, from looking at my patients like complicated machines, to now looking at them like complex, self-healing organisms. This new perspective is much like a river. My job is to find the obstructions that are making your river less healthy, and then alleviate that stress from your system.


Clinical experience has shown that B.A.H. is an extremely useful system for identifying root cause dysfunctions of an illness and prioritizing and personalizing a step by step  treatment program. Other benefits include:

  • Specificity – Establish detailed personal patient protocols down to the exact dosage, frequency, duration of treatment, etc.
  • Prioritization – Answering the question: Which dysfunction, treatment or medication holds priority for the individual patient?
  • Effectiveness – B.A.H. has been used in complex cases for a number of years
  • Reliability & Repeatability – System used clinically for 10+ years with superior results and other practitioners have repeated this success
  • Access to More Information – Complete evaluation of all information including physical, energetic, and organizing Source energy
  • Patient Simplicity – Utilizing a drop of blood, the patient does not need to be present or wait long for results
  • Find Underlying Dysfunctions – Physical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual

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