Your health comes from improving flow, not from fixing broken parts. DOWNLOAD MY SHORT EBOOK to discover a powerful way of healing.

Our Approach

I listen to your story, previous treatments and how you want to feel

From there I begin evaluating all aspects of your health and begin treatments on multiple levels. For new patients, I will complete a medical interview, a review of previous laboratory tests and a brief physical exam. After getting to know each other, I will develop a treatment plan to suit your symptoms and goals.

I practice a European style of Naturopathic Medicine. Rather than treat you like a broken car, I recognize that your body is innately self-healing. Rather than guess about what broken parts need to be fixed or replaced, I identify and remove blockages that are getting in the way of your own healing. Rather than cut corners to make your symptoms go away as soon as possible, I help you, one step at a time, peel away the underlying causes of your illness.

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“I highly recommend Dr. Elliott. He has been a great help to me in working through various health issues. Dr. Elliott is kind, patient and caring. He never dismisses anything you tell him and will instead research to find an answer. Recently Dr. Elliott has also using BAH blood tests which have helped me in increasing me in resolving other health issues.”


“Going to see Dr. Elliott has been life changing for me. He has transformed my daily life. When I once had to trudge through the day just hoping I’d make it until I got home, I now am back to being peppy and loving life. I highly recommend his services.”

S. H.

“I highly recommend Dr. Elliott. It is so refreshing to see a doctor┬áthat is interested in your overall well-being and wants to get to the root of the health problems, not just the symptoms. I was treated at the same time by ‘conventional’ doctors and the contrast couldn’t have been more stark. Dr. Elliott was the one who actually helped ‘cure’ by ailments and he was considerate and thoughtful through the process.”

A. K.

“Dr. Elliott has given me back my quality of life! With his help and guidance I am able to stick to and succeed with the plan specific to managing my auto immune disease. I had tried this plan with other NDs in the past and was never successful. I appreciate his knowledge and passion about continuing education in the field. I have learned volumes from him about how my particular chronic illness works and how to control it. My friends and family are amazed by my turn around in the year that I have been working with Dr. Elliott!”

L. A.

“Dr. Elliott has been a godsend. His patient and holistic approach are so very refreshing after my experience with the churn and burn conventional medical system. I finally feel like I’m receiving true health CARE!”

Brendan Walsh
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